Autism Awareness

Olivia Kenyon, Writer

With April fast approaching, Autism Awareness is something that comes to the forefront of our minds. The Autism Awareness team has been hard at work preparing a variety of activities for Autism Awareness Week, which is scheduled for the 21th-23rd April. These plans include: homeroom activities and informational sessions, lunchtime lectures about the effects of nutrition on the behavioural aspects linked with Autism, fundraisers (and there may or may not be a Kahoot by the end of it – but you didn’t hear that from me). 

All proceeds will be donated to STARS, an association we have been working closely with that helps neurodiverse children of expats in Switzerland. 

If you want to learn more about autism spectrum disorder, pamphlets will be available in the north campus reception area and the south campus foyer. 

Feel free to use this website as a resource: