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French Play Review
French Play Review
Alice Nobs, Writer • November 11, 2022

Monsieur Fazan has done it again! For those who attended the French play on Tuesday the 18th and Thursday the 20th of October, a night of energy and vibrancy was in store....

A Miss-Leading Vote
Pavi Venkat Sridhar, Editor-in-chief • November 11, 2022

ISL’s student parliament represents the student voice– much like The High. Its efforts have led to several meaningful changes over the years of its existence, and behind...

Editor's note: Issue 101
Pavithra Venkat Sridhar, Editor-in-Chief • November 11, 2022

“Breaking the bubble” was the goal for each article in this issue. When discussing this theme in the newsroom, the initial ideas that...

Never Again
Never Again
Esme Hodari, Writer • November 11, 2022

After a shooter killed 16 people in the United Kingdom in 1987, the government outlawed semiautomatic rifles. After a school shooting in 1996, it did the same with most handguns....

The End of a Legacy
Chloe Tesaury and Thea Aime November 11, 2022

On September 8th, 2022 her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll passed away peacefully at 3:10pm in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, due to several health problems. Her Majesty, reigned...

Never Have I Ever... Been an Outsider
Never Have I Ever... Been an Outsider
Rhea Ravi, Writer • November 11, 2022

Imagine a girl from India sitting on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn, ready to watch a movie. She is with all her friends who are American,...

Is Christmas in Danger?
Sofia Scheepers, Writer • November 11, 2022

For Christmas, many people like hosting large gatherings for friends and family or like going on vacation. But over the past three years, as...

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