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Is Wacky Week... Weak?
Is Wacky Week... Weak?
Saorise Hoitink, Journalist • May 13, 2022

After a long absence, the most anticipated event of the year, Wacky Week finally returned this March under a slightly different format: a less competitive Wacky Week. Mr....

True or False?
Ksenia Krasieva, Writer • May 13, 2022

We see the news everywhere. On social media, on our TVs, in the newspaper, everywhere. Most of us get our information from what we believe to be reliable news sources, such...

Issue 99
Tanvi Anand, Editor-in-Chief • February 18, 2022

So. Here it is. An issue on mental health. Now, I could use this space to demonstrate why discussing mental health is important as it removes...

The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago, and many others
The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago, and many others
Luke Besson, Journalist • May 13, 2022

What do you normally see at a dinner party? Family, Friends, loved oneswho have gathered to discuss their lives, to discus the world. This is no different, this work brings...

International Women's Day Around the World
Emilia Juraszek, Writer • May 13, 2022

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual event to celebrate women’s socioeconomic, political, and cultural achievements. Every year on March 8th activists spread awareness...

Do You Have a Summer Body?
Alisha Fichera, Writer • June 10, 2022

After an exhausting school year, which somehow whizzed by as fast as the pen ink drying in our notebooks, it's almost 11 days till summer vacation!...

Ever So Sorry
Anjali Bhimani and Merichel Herman May 13, 2022

Tuesday the 8th of March was International Women’s Day. This article may be a little overdue, but it’s still important. We all know that...

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