Glossary of LGBTQ+ Schools


Heterosexual – A sexual attraction to people of the opposite sex

Homosexuality– A sexual attraction to people of the same sex.

Bisexuality – A sexual attraction to two or more genders, mostly males and female but can be others! (Bisexuality does not “prove” that there are two genders).

Pansexuality – A sexual attraction to anyone regardless of sex or gender identity.

Asexuality – Asexuality is lack of sexual attraction or desire for sexual activity. This does not mean asexual people hate or do not have sex.

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Cisgender – A person who identifies with the gender identity/sex that was assigned at birth.

Transgender – A person with a gender identity/sex that is different to what they were assigned at birth.

Non-Binary – A person with a gender identity that is neither male or female.

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Agender – Someone who does not identify with any gender identity.

Genderfluid – Someone whose gender identity/expression changes over time.

Intersex – People who are born with sexual attributes that can’t exclusively classify as male or female.

Gay – Someone who is sexually attracted to the same sex. This term is usually used for men but can also be used for lesbians too.

Lesbian – A woman who is sexually attracted to other women.

Homophobia – Hatred and discrimination towards gay or lesbian people.

Biphobia – Hatred and discrimination towards bisexual people.

Transphobia – Hatred and discrimination towards trans people.

Ally – A person who is heterosexual and cisgender who actively campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights.

Queer – An umbrella term for someone who isn’t heterosexual and/or cisgender.

Questioning – Someone who is still in the process of discovering their sexuality, gender identity, gender expression and more.