Editor’s Letter – Issue 97

Hi! Welcome to this year’s first issue of The High

If this is your first time reading The High, I think this issue perfectly encapsulates what we want to represent as ISL’s student newspaper, from football and video game analysis to hard-hitting descriptions of Afghan struggle. We’re an eclectic group, and this brand-new issue reflects that (yes, even with those jokes in the wordsearch). 

I want to take this space to highlight the articles by new members of The High. You should check them out. Saoirse’s article on Texas’ (stone-age) abortion law. Rhea, Emilia, and Ksenia’s article on the Y10 trip disaster. Petra’s article on problematic authors. Anjali’s contribution to the Dress Code article. Ane’s Halloween thoughts. Can’s detailed football analysis. Soph’s TikTok book reviews. Jessie’s exhilarating video game review. Writing your first article is not an easy feat, so do give them your praise!

We love to promote discussions surrounding the writing we put out. If you, like us, want to get your voice out there, don’t hesitate to reach out to either me ([email protected]) or Ms Brennan ([email protected]). Maybe it will feature in the next issue!