October Zodiacs

How this author sees you – from a Scorpio

Hello Aries.

You’re a tough sign to decipher but this author thinks she’s sifted you down to your true essence – a notion which you will no doubt despise. First of all, you are insecure. You put on a tough exterior, and to an extent, it is part of your character, but in the end you are terrified of exposure to your interior. You are kind, but afraid of being taken advantage of so hide the good stuff behind sarcasm, jokes and aggression. Just to save her own skin, this author also wants to mention that your sarcasm is one of the great wonders of the world. It is truly amazing to watch you rip someone apart with your superior intelligence. You are extremely passionate about most things you do and you are what the youth may call “drip”. To end, you are a remarkable sign and this author has undying respect for you, but she also fears you for many reasons.


One of this author’s very favourite signs. You are stubborn and strong-minded and unreliable and confident bordering on ignorant. Perhaps that sounded bad, but for some inexplicable reason, they’re some of your qualities that this author likes best. Indeed, they are qualities this author sees in herself, if only with less murderous intent. Your incomprehensible and childish humour is honestly rather amusing to the rest of us. You are loyal to a fault which this author deems highly respectable. You are also very smart, which most don’t expect from you. If there was one fault that had to be mentioned, it is that you are too set in your ways. You don’t ever believe yourself to be wrong or ever accept any end to an argument other than your triumph. 

Now for you, Gemini.

You terrify this author. You are nosy and incredibly intimidating, you are completely unreliable and no one ever knows what you’re going to do next. This author has great respect for you and your undying confidence, but it’s also very scary. You mean well but you are very blunt and straightforward. Though many find this a good trait, this author unfortunately, does not. She does, however, recognise your sarcasm and humour are at a polished level. Your ability to put yourself in everyone else’s shoes makes you an incredible empath, but you should take some time for yourself sometimes. All in all, this author has respect for you but asks you to stay away from her. Though it must be said, your gossiping skills are unprecedented. 

This author has very mixed feelings about Cancer. 

On the one hand you have all the qualities she looks for in a person, but you also have all the ones she steers away from. You’re universally regarded as the nicest sign but also one of the most manipulative. You have a tendency to play the victim but this author doesn’t think you can help it. You seem very calm and dare it be said, cute, but you have these random mood swings at a minor convenience. You switch between threatening and extremely protective over the ones you love. This author also believes you’re way too sensitive. When people say you’re emotional, you get emotional and say you’re not. You’re proving their point. 

Now for one of this author’s favourite signs, Leo. 

This author is proud to say she is in love with you.  As a scorpio, our partnership is generally regarded as a “toxic” match, but this has never been the case, at least not in this author’s opinion. It is widely known that you are the most bold and confident sign, yet you are also highly self-conscious. Much like Aries, you seem shallow, yet you are one of kindest signs and do not deserve this harsh title. You are extremely loyal and incredibly honest, which makes you the perfect friend. As a footnote, you have one of the most dazzling smiles of all the signs. And your fashion sense? Flawless.  

Now for one of the nicest signs, Virgo.

Many believe you are only nice for the selfish reason that it makes you feel good, but this author questions what’s so wrong with that. Kindness is selfish and Virgo is just taking advantage of that. You always enjoy gossiping and you know everything about everyone. You are also one of the most openly smart signs; you exude intelligence. This may be the reason why you’re always so adept at language learning. Virgos are always one of the most compatible signs with this author as she believes you can definitely handle her. Your hardworking and acute wit always appeals and you are, for the most part, kind.

Now for the indisputably kindest sign, Libra.

Not only are you in the lead for the most caring sign, but you’re also one of the most attractive. Attractiveness is not always about physicality and you prove this time and time again. There’s something about the way you treat everyone and your emotionality that makes  you incredibly appealing. Aside from your treatment of people, you’re also a typically intelligent sign. Perhaps it’s this intelligence that makes you so emotionally mature, but you do have these moments when you become someone else entirely and it is hilarious to watch.

Now for this author’s own sign; Scorpio.

As star signs go, you aren’t generally regarded as particularly nice. Now, it may be easy to say this from the outside, as scorpios never reveal anything about themselves and aren’t very trusting, but you really can’t help being mysterious. Something about November probably. You are perhaps the best liars of all the signs, though what the reason is for this; the author really doesn’t know. You value loyalty above all else and don’t take kindly to those who break your hard-earned trust. You have an incredibly accurate sense of people; you somehow know whether a person is to be trusted or not. But this author has praised herself enough, so before she moves on, she must mention the emotional manipulative tendencies of her sign. Okay, goodbye. 

Sagittarius, incredibly difficult to analyse.

Generally, you are the sign labelled as witless or irresponsible, but this author honestly likes your lack of ability to take anything seriously. This immaturity tends to hide the emotions you feel, which is the most annoying thing about you. People are always left wondering if you have any real emotions behind your fun-side. This author believes you just hide it, so she will let you off the hook. You are also one of the smartest signs, but it’s again-hidden by your humour. Though this humour is not a bad thing. You are generally considered some of the funniest people and very enjoyable to be around. 

Capricorn, the sign everyone forgets.

People don’t pay enough attention to you. You are the most ambitious and hard-working signs which this author respects and envies to no end. You will always be successful in anything you decide to pursue. You can be quite intimidating but you’re also very interesting in that sense. Your pessimism is quite refreshing and appealing. Though this author must confess, she’d be too nervous to approach you unless you came to her first. Even if many forget you, this author will always admire you.

Now for Aquarius.

First of all, how come you are an air sign when your name means water? Perhaps this is why you are so hard to understand. You are considered to be very energetic and enjoyable to be around, but this author believes it depends. That’s the beauty of you; every aquarius is completely different. You share similar qualities to each other, but somehow you’re all individual. One of the common things, however, is that you’re all quite funny. You’re bubbly and sweet, but everyone better run if you ever get angry. Your fashion sense is generally always pretty perfect.

Now for this author’s favorite sign; Pisces.

You tend to be the sign that receives the most hate, perhaps because you’re so emotional, but this author likes that. You are the epitome of a water sign in your understanding of the world. You’re incredibly dramatic and effortlessly funny because of it. You also appear rather shallow to other signs, but you’re actually just zoning out and watching the world.