The Best Christmas Songs

Christmas songs take the stage as the much anticipated holiday grows closer. Christmas songs make the celebration more festive, and make getting into the Christmas spirit all the more easy. The real question is, which is the best Christmas song to get in the festive mood? To answer this question, I conducted a survey in Year 10.

Jingle Bell Rock is a Christmas classic featured in the hit 2004 chick-flick Mean Girls. Singer Bobby Helms has a calm, soothing voice which complements the minimalistic and often repetitive lyrics. Year 10 students, however, don’t seem to enjoy this classic – the survey concluded that only 6 percent voted for this song.

If you’ve been to any store recently, you’ll know that Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is on repeat. Everyone knows the lyrics, and can’t help but sing along every time it’s played. It was and still is a modern pop tune with just enough jingle bells to get you in the holiday spirit. It is uptempo, and a perfect combination of a jingle and a carol, while still maintaining the genre that Mariah Carey usually sings, pop. The song explains the true meaning behind Christmas while still maintaining a romantic atmosphere. In the end, only 27% of the students voted for this song, putting aside its popularity.

The last song is Last Christmas by Wham! This song has a catchy tune, while giving you a great Christmas vibe. In this 80’s tune, the vocal’s are very calming but still gets you in the mood for Christsmas. The main lyric in the song is, “Last Christmas I gave you my heart, and the very next day you gave it away” captures the Christmas spirit acting as if the heart is the gift, but then also the feeling of love around this time. In the survey, this song was voted as the best Christmas song, with 64% of the students voting for it. It really captures the attitude of people around the world during this special time.

To sum up, Last Christmas by Wham! is the best Christmas song to exist. Hopefully this Christmas will be better than Last Christmas!