Issue 99

So. Here it is. An issue on mental health. Now, I could use this space to demonstrate why discussing mental health is important as it removes the stigma associated with it, but I would be repeating what has already been extensively covered in this issue. Instead, I will use this space to be transparent about the production of this issue. 

This was a hard issue to put together. The timing for this issue was unfortunate: the post-Christmas slump is plagued with mock exams, IAs, the personal project, and assessments in general. This, paired with the generally dismal weather, did not make for a particularly invigorating time in the newsroom. I’m aware of the irony of the entire situation: we decided to put together an issue on mental health while not being in the best mental state ourselves. Now, we will actually take the time to practice what we are preaching. We’re going to use the February holidays to recharge our batteries and come back stronger than ever. 

This issue has taught me that sometimes perfection gets in the way of progress. It’s okay to put out an issue that’s a bit rough around the edges instead of putting out nothing at all. 

I invite you to take some time to appreciate our jagged edges and hopefully find some diamonds in the rough. 

If you need someone to talk to, our school counsellors are always happy to help. You can contact Ms Varga at [email protected] or Ms Hansen at [email protected]

Here are some helplines you could contact as well:

Sensitive Questions for 11-20 year-olds: Ciao! 147

Suicide or Self-Harm Support: Malatavie: 022 372 42 42

La Main Tendue: 143

Sexual Health Centre and Helpline: PROFA – Centre LAVI: 021 631 03 00