Editor’s note: Issue 101

“Breaking the bubble” was the goal for each article in this issue.

When discussing this theme in the newsroom, the initial ideas that sprung involved the ISL bubble: welcoming new students to our school and uncovering stories about the existing members of our community. From the plea for changes to indoor seating to the pros and cons of morning ASAs, this issue dives between the cracks of what it means to be a student at ISL.

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen these stories grow increasingly profound and explore new thematic territories. Some articles take us across the globe to protests in Tehran and gun violence in the US. Others dig deeper into cultural and societal values– why is there backlash when POC are cast into ‘traditionally white’ roles? Is there a double standard for the men and women of K-pop? Does the exclusion of transgender women in sports reflect something deeper about the values of society?

For me, the meaning of “breaking the bubble” changed with every article I skimmed through, and I’m sure that it will for you too. As you read through this edition of The High, think about the bubbles you are breaking when you accept an unpopular opinion or peer into the possibly unfamiliar cultural customs of Indian weddings. Or, how you share bubbles with several others around you. You may even exit the bubble of reality and enter the realm of fiction with the boy who crossed the OjiSea in the teasers for our newly launched Fiction section!

Not all bubbles can be popped immediately, and some may stay untouched for a reason. But at the end of the day, we can only try our best to reach beyond what we know. Many new student journalists arrived at The High at the start of the new academic year. Their ideas have expanded past the
usual horizons, and their articles seek to burst your bubble.