Humanity is a liar

Nika Gromova, Writer

Humanity is a liar.

It makes you believe you can fly higher, 

Higher if you can open your small mind. 

Higher if you stand out of a crowd.

But the truth is that it will cut you out. 


It will cut you out and blame for each mistake. 

It will break your legs so you cannot run away. 

It will keep on yelling about just how unique,

You are with your own little rhythm. 

But their rhythms are in sync, therefore yours is just deceit. 


Soon a loop of judgement will tie around your neck. 

A loop that is tight enough to make you fly ahead. 

And as you fly towards an angel in the sky, 

You will see them blame society for your escape. 


Society is them, so who is there to blame?

You will think to yourself as you slowly fade away. 

Away so deep, where mind cannot be limited or be given a name. 

A ‘stupid’ name, or ‘weirdo’ name, 

There is no other name but free to give to them. 


‘Them’ who? 

“Them” dead minds, who’s creativity you had despised. 

Yes, you despised, or is there another reason why,

Why you could kill an open, flying mind?