Editor’s Letter Issue 104

I remember watching the year 13s flock out of their classes on a May afternoon in the south campus as a middle schooler. Their faces were streaked with tears or with grins. Friends, teachers, classmates- everyone exchanged tight hugs as though trying to hold on to the present. Indeed with each year, this day inched closer to my own reality. I understand now that the emotions I saw pouring out of the soon-to-be DP graduates – anticipation, excitement, fear – all exist within each student. 

It could be argued that this change of perspective and attitude towards leaving school starts much before. Earlier this semester, my wellbeing class started to consider the theme of “transitions”. We looked at the overall transitions from school to university, including independent living. However, what we couldn’t unpack yet was the transition of emotions and self-dependence. I’ve heard that only when you move into a new home without your friends or family does this new reality wash over you. 

On the bright side, transitioning to a DP-free life will probably be more vibrant. Something I look forward to is being able to leave a real impact on society by breaking down and tackling real problems- of course, by using my IB critical thinking skills. I am ever so grateful for having had the opportunity to start heading towards this objective right here in the newsroom of The High

Three (and a bit) years ago, I never would have imagined that I’d be writing this letter for my final issue with The High. Yet, I am glad to have been through it. I am glad to have faced the challenges that I did. And, most importantly, I am glad to have done so alongside an incredible group of writers. I only have the utmost respect for the student journalist team this year. I’ve witnessed each and every one of them challenge opinions they encountered and all the while challenging themselves. This issue is yet another product of their collective energy and drive. 

Without further ado, I invite you to explore this month’s collection of pieces. 

Mudit takes courage and answers, “should the British Museum of History return all disputed artifacts?”- a question we have all pondered before. The rise of ChatGPT has caught the attention of Karolina and Isabel, who look into the role of AI in education. Petra remains within the school vicinity with her article on the Reading for Pleasure book sale. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompts Agnese to consider their participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics. Three poets – Nika, Divya and Klara – contribute to the fiction section (which includes new chapters of Little People and Bewitched). Finally, with the holidays just around the corner, this issue presents you with an assortment of spring-themed book recommendations!

Coming back to the topic of transitions, I wish The High editorial team the best- I have no doubt that Alice will lead the publication down a fresh path. I hope that you, reader, take time and appreciate another set of fascinating conversation starters: issue 104.