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February 7, 2020

Imagine being told that you had to sum up the entirety of your life in 10-15 photos. Difficult, isn’t it? Nevertheless, that was the demand made of the graduating class of 2020 over the past couple of weeks, and needless to say, a number of students found the task both difficult and daunting. Obviously, there was the easy option of just choosing the first 10 photos that you found in the favorites album that was already stored conveniently on your phone. But option B, and a choice that many students opted for, was scrolling devotedly through photo albums and rummaging through old USB drives to find the photos that you will be able to look fondly back on when you think about your first 18 years. 


Clearly, finding pictures of your baby selves is not exactly a straining task, but it definitely provided the opportunity for year 13 to reflect on everything that they have (or haven’t) accomplished over the past few years. When looking at photos from childhood memories and of a likely more carefree time, it is almost inevitable that a sense of nostalgia would kick in. A lot of students, including myself, have been waiting excitedly for the moment to choose the pictures that will be seen on their own graduating page, but when the decisions had to be made, there was a sad feeling of finality, as though these photos signaled the beginning of the end of our time at ISL.


Despite the excitement of graduating, and moving on to the next chapter of our lives, a lot of students seem to be disregarding the enjoyment and passion that ISL has been able to provide to the lives of their students. Yet exploring the photos of past selves has given the year 13s the opportunity to reconnect with their past, and, better yet, with the people that they shared these photographed memories with. Despite the stress that is accumulating as exams rapidly approach, the photos were an acute reminder of everything that has brought us to where we are now. They remind us that compared to where we were, when we were toddling around embarrassing ourselves, we are almost finished. 


So ultimately, despite the tedious nature of the search, the reward was worth the effort, and hopefully the yearbook will be truly representative of the class of 2020.

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