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June 20, 2020

When I say that Disney Plus is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I’m not exaggerating. We got it for a yearly subscription the day it launched (March 24) in Switzerland with a deal to get it for slightly cheaper and I am obsessed. If you need more proof of how popular and amazing it is, it has surpassed 50 million subscribers in the five months since its launch. This is a third of Netflix, and Netflix has been up and running for over a decade.

Disney Plus streams almost everything it produces, including all the original Disney movies and Disney Channel shows, Star Wars movies, Pixar movies, National Geographic and Marvel movies, with a few exceptions (I had the heartbreaking revelation that Spider-Man: Homecoming never has been and never will be on Disney Plus). 

It is also a cheaper streaming option than Netflix. Disney Plus can, for a subscription of $6.99 (9.90 CHF), allow you ad-free streaming on up to four devices in high definition, whereas to do this on Netflix, you must get a premium subscription, for $15.99 (21.90 CHF). 

As a user of both platforms, I have to say that for the moment, I am preferring Disney Plus, particularly because it provides for loads of movie nights for my family and I, considering that we generally have quite a young audience in the house. 

For all those who have Disney Plus and have no idea what to watch, or for all those who are considering getting in but need examples of what can be found on it, below is what you’re all actually here for, my personal recommendations for the moment (it has only been two weeks after all). Fair warning, you will not find Star Wars in my recommendations because, and I apologize for all those that I offend with this, I honestly hate the series and physically cannot watch a Star Wars movie ever again.



  1. Avengers: Infinity War: I have loved this movie since I saw it in the cinema, and I cannot express how glad I am that Disney Plus has made it available for me to watch whenever I want. This really good family movie will make you laugh at times and will leave you sobbing at the end (“I don’t wanna go Mr Stark” still hits different till this day).
  2. Big Hero 6: This movie is heartbreaking, hilarious and inspiring and is one of the best Disney movies out there. With its killer soundtrack and lovable characters, this is such a good movie to watch on your own or with your family and you could honestly re-watch it a hundred times more once you’ve seen it once.
  3. Tangled: I re-watched this movie for the second time in two weeks two days ago, and I am still in love with every aspect of it: the characters, the story line and the songs. Although the movie can be sad at times, it will not leave you crying at the end, which is a nice change, to be honest. There are also numerous Easter Eggs and details you will notice every time you watch it, something else I love.
  4. The Princess and the Frog: Not only does this movie introduce the best and most independent Disney princess, it is inspiring and extremely entertaining. It will make you laugh with its slightly disgusting jokes and moments and is a really good movie to watch with your family. 
  5. The Avengers: I don’t understand why I only watched this movie for the first time last week. I have to admit that there is something different that I adore about the original Avengers, and this movie is honestly amazing. The connection between this movie and Infinity War also had me in shock for a couple of hours, I won’t lie.
  6. Phineas and Ferb: You’re never too old for this show. You will always love this show. I’ll just leave it there.
  7. Thor: The Dark World: After Spider-Man obviously, Thor is the best Marvel character and no one can fight me on this. Although all three movies in the franchise are incredibly good and fought for this spot, I have to admit that this second one has to take the lead. It has a good balance of action and comedy, and overall such a good movie. 
  8. Lab Rats: I actually love this Disney Channel show, as do my sisters, although no one really knows about it. It’s funny, really stupid and cringe at times (which adds to the likability) and I love the cast. Disney Channel at its best.
  9. Captain America: Civil War: Maybe it’s because of the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I loved this movie. It’s the second time I’ve seen it and it did get a little bit old but I still love it and the couple probably still watch it a couple of times.
  10. Hercules: I love this movie. It was the first movie I wanted to watch when I got Disney Plus as they took it off Netflix a couple of years ago and it took three days to get to it but I wasn’t disappointed. The way you get attached to these characters is similar to the way you do in every Disney movie, and they make you love and hate the villain at the same time, which I found kind of interesting. He does give some really good guy advice though.

Honorable mentions: High School Musical, Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin (Live Action), That’s So Raven, Liv and Maddie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange, Frozen

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