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Top 5 Holiday Movies

December 10, 2020

Top 5 Holiday Movies:


#5 – Miracle on 34th Street    


Miracle on 34th Street is impeccable. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the ‘everything is perfect’ feeling. It is a classic that you can watch with the whole family. Miracle on 34th Street shows the importance of childhood wonder, trust, standing up for what you believe in and kindness. Personally, I believe that it is such a heart-warming, gentle film that makes my soul smile 🙂


#4 – It’s a Wonderful Life                 

It’s a Wonderful Life melts my heart. The plot’s journey from despair, to absolute joy is heartwarming. No matter how many times you see this movie (I’ve seen it a lot) it is fantastic every time. Please, please, please watch this movie!!


#3 – Die Hard. 

It is debated whether Die Hard is a holiday movie or not, but nonetheless, it. is. such. a. good. movie. It acted like a blueprint for modern action movies as we know them, and luckily it had some relatively good acting. Seriously though, watch this movie!! 



#2 – Home Alone 

Who hasn’t seen Home Alone, to be honest? We love Kevin, even if his family doesn’t love him

100% of the time. It’s a feel good movie that’s perfect for the holidays.






#1 – Elf

Where does one even begin. Elf is a masterpiece of comedy. It makes me smile everytime

 I watch it and I still laugh out loud despite having seen it 10,000 times. An absolute classic. 



Favourite Holiday/Christmas Music:


All I can suggest is listen to the ENTIRETY of the Michael Buble christmas album, my personal favourites being:

  • The CLASSIC ‘It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas’
  • ‘Jingle Bells’ with the Puppini Sisters (iconic)
  • ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ 


In case you don’t celebrate Christmas, a few of my favourite holiday/winter songs are:

  • ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ by Leonard Cohen
  • ‘Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • ‘Come Out and Play’ by Billie Eilish


(If you like winter songs/the winter vibe, here is a Spotify playlist I made)




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